Welcome to NANO106!

This is the wiki for NANO106 - Crystallography of Materials taught by Prof Shyue Ping Ong. NANO106 is a core course required by UCSD's Department of NanoEngineering. Topics covered include fundamentals of symmetry (point, plane and space groups), implications of symmetry for material property tensors, and methods to analyze and study material structure and symmetry (X-ray diffraction; neutron diffraction). See syllabus page for detailed outline.

  • UCSD Math 20F (exceptions will only be considered if you can pass a short 30 min test administered by the instructor)


  1. Structure of Materials: An Introduction to Crystallography, Diffraction and Symmetry by Marc De Graef and Michael E. McHenry
    (Electronic and hard copies available from UCSD library and bookstore, and Amazon)
  2. Properties of Materials: Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure by Robert E. Newnham (Available from UCSD Library and Bookstore and Amazon)

Course Calendar

This is the official course calendar. It will always be up to date with the latest lecture, office hours and exam times and locations.


  • 5 problem sets (4% each)
  • 2 mid-terms (20% each)
  • 1 final (40%)


  1. Piazza Discussion Forum - Best place to get help.
  2. Podcasts of the lectures
  3. Online International Tables for Crystallography - Complete International Tables available via UCSD network (logon via VPN if you are off-campus).
  4. Bilbao Crystallographic Server - Useful online set of tools for retrieving space groups, etc.
  5. Symmetry at Otterbein - Nice resource with a great symmetry challenge tool for practicing point group determination!
  6. VESTA - Is an excellent multi-platform software for opening and viewing many types of crystal structure files.
  7. Public Github Repo - Contains useful Python code as well as supplementary materials.
  8. Materials Project - Large open database containing computed properties (including downloadable CIF files) of all known inorganic materials co-developed by Prof Ong.
  9. IDEA Student Center - Located just to the right of the lobby of Jacobs Hall (Room B805, basement) is a hub for student engagement, academic enrichment, personal/professional development, leadership, community involvement, and a respectful learning environment for all. The Center offers a variety of programs, listed in the IDEA Center Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ucsdidea/, including free tutoring through the Learning Communities program.

Instructors (Current)

Lecturer: Shyue Ping Ong (ongsp@eng.ucsd.edu)

Teaching assistants:
  1. Hanmei Tang (hat003@eng.ucsd.edu)

Volunteer tutors:
  1. Mahdi Amachra (mamachra@ucsd.edu)